Danceworks! 2014


For the first time in DanceWorks! history, the anti-drug dance competition was held in conjunction with the Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign between 19 and 21 June 2014 at Bugis+ to commemorate ‘World Drug Day’. 2014 also marked the 16th year in which the dance competition was organised and had attracted more than16,000 participants since its first run in 1999. The theme for DanceWorks! 2014 was “Life Does not Rewind, Say No to Drugs”. The theme aimed to remind youths not to experiment with drugs and that they can take charge of their lives and work towards their dreams.

Audience enjoying themselves at Danceworks! 2014 [Record-breaking attempt at the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ by participants and supporters of DanceWorks!]

A total of 64 teams comprising 669 participants aged 25 and below took part in the dance competition, organised annually by NCADA and CNB. Through the competition, NCADA and CNB hoped that the youths could have a platform to express themselves and pursue their passion for dance in a positive manner.

On 20 June 2014, the second day of DanceWorks!, more than 350 participants and supporters of the competition came together to break one of the largest mass dance records in Singapore with the ‘Cupid Shuffle’. An officiator from the Singapore Book of Records validated the feat on the spot!

Performance by one of the participating groups in the primary school category
Performance by one of the participating groups in the primary school category
[Primary school competitors in Category I of DanceWorks!]

On all three days of the competition, a mass dance that was specially choreographed for last year’s edition of DanceWorks! was taught to all participants and supporters. We hope that this mass dance segment can continue being carried forward as a tradition in future runs of DanceWorks! and connect the participants and supporters across the years.

Most of all, NCADA would like to congratulate all the winners and express our sincere gratitude to the participants for their amazing performances and to the supporters who were there to boost the atmosphere.

NCADA will continue collaborating with CNB to explore new and fun ways to engage youths to live a healthy drug-free lifestyle through dance. See you at next year’s DanceWorks!

Chairman NCADA posing with one of the teams at Danceworks! [Chairman NCADA posing with a team at DanceWorks!]
A team competing in Category III listening to comments from the judges [Cheery faces from a team competing in Category III as they listened to comments from the judges for the performance they had just put up.]