Also known as: 'Ice', Glass, Crystal, Speed, 'Ya Ba'

What's This?

Methamphetamine usually comes in crystallised form known as Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. It is more commonly known as 'Ice' in Singapore. It is a strong stimulant, which is odourless and colourless,

Methamphetamine also comes in tablet form known as 'Ya Ba'. The stimulant powder in 'Ya Ba' is produced from the ephedrine plant. Most of the 'Ya Ba' tablets found are embossed with the 'WY' logo and are green or orange in colour.

Methamphetamine has a very strong effect on the central nervous system and is highly addictive. The abuser feels anxious and restless which can lead to violent behaviour.

A photograph of methamphetamine

Effects & Dangers

  • Increased heart rate and body temperature
  • Fits, stroke and death
  • Damage to heart and nerves
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Abnormal behaviour with mood swings, confusion, delusion and hallucination
  • Anxiety and irritability

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Extreme tiredness and hunger
  • Anxiety, depression and irritability
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)