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Clubs Against Drugs Campaign 2014

The annual Clubs Against Drugs Campaign commenced on 28 Nov 2014, with the theme “Party clean, party again”, and a sub tagline “Say No to Drugs!”. Anti-drug collaterals carrying this theme were distributed to various clubs and pubs. Held for the 14th consecutive year, the Clubs Against Drugs Campaign aimed to convey the anti-drug message to youths and young adults and encouraged them to stay drug-free while having a good time with their peers.

This year, the participation rate of clubs and pubs in the campaign was at its highest - totalling 261 clubs and pubs. The campaign also saw continued support from clubs and pubs that had previously participated in the campaign – one of which is The St. James Pte Ltd which made a strong commitment to the anti-drug stance by involving 13 of its clubs and pubs.

Party Clean poster

A special introduction into this year’s campaign is the distribution of campaign lanyards to the staff members of the participating clubs and pubs as a way for NCADA to show our appreciation for their enthusiasm in spreading the anti-drug message.

On top of seeking clubs and pubs’ participation, the campaign also went online with the creation of an anti-drug pledge wall on the ‘Clubbing Without Drugs’ Facebook page. By the end of the campaign, a total of 305 anti-drug pledges were solicited from online fans of the Facebook page. NCADA is pleased that the online component of the campaign was able to engage the fans of the Facebook page whilst continuously reminding them of the anti-drug message.

NCADA is heartened by the continued support from the club operators. The Council will explore new ways to spread the anti-drug message and promote a drug-free clubbing culture in Singapore.

CAD Campaign 2014 coaster CAD Campaign 2014 lightpen
Sample campaign poster, beverage coaster and light pen which were distributed across participating clubs and pubs.
CAD Campaign 2014 lanyard Sample lanyard which was distributed to staff members of participating clubs and pubs.