Anti-drug Abuse Campaign

Every year, Singapore joins the global observance of the ‘International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’ (also known as ‘World Drug Day’) on 26 June.

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NCADA Awards

NCADA recognises that the vision of a drug-free Singapore can only be realised through the concerted efforts of the various committees, grassroots organisations and individuals, working hand-in-hand to eradicate the drug scourge.

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Asia-Pacific Forum Against Drugs

APFAD-WFAD @ Singapore 2019

The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) is proud to organise the inaugural joint conference with WFAD for the Asia Pacific, co-branded as Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD-WFAD @ Singapore 2019). It is a platform for Asia Pacific NGOs and government agencies to network, share knowledge and exchange best practices on prevention and rehabilitation; and to re-affirm support for and encourage greater adoption of the APFAD declaration, as well as the green and white anti-drug ribbon as the international anti-drug symbol.

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