The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) was proud to organise the ​first ever Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD) in Singapore on 27 August 2015. This has been NCADA’s biggest step in fighting for anti-drug advocacy in the international arena to date.

APFAD ​was attended by 197 participants from both local and overseas representatives involved in the anti-drug work. The forum advocated zero tolerance against drugs.

We ​were honoured to have had Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, gracing APFAD as the Guest-of-Honour.


NCADA recognises that the Asian representation at international forums against drugs has been small and countries with the zero tolerance stance against drugs are fragmented. APFAD thus served as an important platform to bring together the anti-drug lobby groups which could include NGOs and government agencies within Asia through a knowledge sharing platform.

Through APFAD 2015, NCADA hopes to foster closer collaboration among like-minded anti-drug advocates to organise early and jointly push to resist the pro-drug liberalisation agenda at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs in 2016.

Together, with one strong voice advocating for zero tolerance against drugs, we will work towards a drug-free Asia Pacific future for our future.