Summary of APFAD 2015

Through APFAD 2015 held on 27 August 2015, NCADA hopes to foster closer collaboration among like-minded anti-drug advocates in the fight against drugs through a knowledge sharing platform. A total of 197 participants from 18 countries attended APFAD. Participants also adopted the APFAD declaration in support of a future society free from drug abuse.

APFAD 2015  covered new anti-drug challenges such as cannabis abuse and legalisation, as well as share best practices in preventive community education methods, treatment and rehabilitation. In particular, the four key topics discussed at APFAD are as follows:

  • The road to United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs 2016
  • New challenges in the anti-drug scene - Cannabis
  • Preventive Education - Understanding motivations of youths; and
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation – A holistic response, and Sharing by a Practitioner.

Experts from overseas and local organisations ​spoke on these topics, and the speakers’ profile and presentation materials can be found here.