NCADA Awards 2015

This year, the NCADA Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at the DanceWorks! event on 26 June 2015, thereby sharing the outstanding contributions of the award recipients with a wider audience.

The award recipients for 2015 are:

MERIT AWARD (Individual)

  1. Mr Ramanathan Muthusakthivelan

    Mr Ramanathan Muthusakthivelan joined the Hindu Endowments Board- Ashram Halfway House since its inception in 1999. He is the current Head of Operations. Over the past 15 years, he was involved in the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders, where he organised and executed various rehabilitation and educational programmes for residents. He also counselled the half-way house residents and their families and assisted them whenever possible.

    Mr Ramanathan’s contributions have been instrumental in devising numerous aftercare initiatives, both operational and social work-related. His commitment and tenaciousness to make a difference to the lives of the returning offenders and their families are noteworthy and unsurpassed. His 15 years of continued service is testament of that.

    Mr Ramanathan Muthusakthivelan with Chairman NCADA

    Mr Ramanathan Muthusakthivelan receiving the NCADA Merit Award from Chairman NCADA, Mr Victor Lye.

MERIT AWARD (Organisation)

  1. WE CARE Community Services

    WE CARE Community Services has demonstrated to be a leading agency in the area of addictions recovery work, specialising in providing therapeutic rehabilitation work for recovering addicts. Among the various services, WE CARE provides counselling, drop-in centres and recovery support groups to drug offenders, as well as outreach programmes to raise awareness on the dangers of drug addiction.

    In 2013, WE CARE Community Services collaborated with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) on Project SAFE (Support for recovering Addicts and Families through Empowerment). Under Project SAFE, concurrent intervention with the drug offenders and their families were provided at key crisis points of stress, namely: pre-release, immediately after release, and post release. Beneficiaries of this programme have responded that Project SAFE has not only helped to increase awareness about drug issues among family members, but has also strengthened their communication and improving their relationships. The involvement of family members to help ex-offenders to turn over a new leaf is Project SAFE’s key objective, and it is no doubt crucial in the fight against drugs.

    Ms Tham Yuen Han with Chairman NCADA

    Ms Tham Yuen Han, Executive Director of WE CARE Community Services, receiving the NCADA Merit award from Mr Victor Lye.


  1. Nanyang Polytechnic

    The School of Interactive and Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), had collaborated with Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) to organise the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) in 2014. The SGCC is an annual event organised by NYP to give secondary school students an opportunity to learn about digital media development, in particular game creation, based on an assigned theme. The theme for SGCC 2014 was “Life Does Not Rewind, Say No to Drugs”, whereby students had to illustrate, through their games, how one’s life choices would affect a person’s future and the importance of saying ‘no’ to drug abuse.

    The collaboration with NYP for the competition has benefitted CNB and its preventive education outreach efforts greatly. Through the incorporation of an anti-drug theme for SGCC 2014, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the dangers and consequences of drug and inhalant abuse during the game conceptualisation and development process.

    Mr Toh Da Jun with Chairman NCADA

    Mr Toh Da Jun, Senior Lecturer for the Game Development and Technology, School of Interactive and Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic, receiving the NCADA Special Recognition award from Mr Victor Lye.