NCADA Awards 2016

This year, the NCADA Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at the DanceWorks! event on 25 June 2016. Read on to find out more about the outstanding contributions of the award recipients.

Award Recipients for NCADA Awards 2016, with Chairman NCADA

The award recipients for 2016 are:

STAR AWARD (Individual)

  1. Mr Chia Shih Sheung

    Mr Chia joined The Helping Hand Halfway House as a member of the Executive Committee (EXCO) in 1993 and later became the Chairman of the EXCO in 2003. After stepping down from the EXCO, Mr Chia took on the role of the Chief Executive Officer of The Helping Hand.

    Under his leadership, The Helping Hand adopted the Halfway House Service Model with the Singapore Prisons Service to ensure that structured and professional rehabilitation services would be provided to inmates to facilitate their reintegration into society. More than 80 percent of the emplaced inmates in The Helping Hand have completed the rehabilitation programme and reintegrated successfully into society. Mr Chia’s contribution to the anti-drug cause over the past 22 years have been impactful to the society on a national level as it encourages community support, and positively influences the lives of offenders and ex-offenders.

MERIT AWARD (Individual)

  1. Mr Tan Seck Kang

    Mr Tan joined the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) in 2002 and was elected to the Board of Management in 2005. Since then, he has been serving on the Board of Management, and is currently the Vice President of the Board. Mr Tan’s experience as a former director of the Central Narcotics Bureau has enabled him to contribute invaluable insights and guidance to the Board members and staff of SANA. In addition, Mr Tan has also played an instrumental role in ensuring the successful execution of many events organised by SANA, such as SANA’s Charity Golf tournaments. In particular, the funds that Mr Tan helped to raise for these events enabled SANA to provide programmes which better supported recovering drug addicts in their reintegration journey into society.

    Mr Tan’s 13 years of contribution to SANA has positively impacted the lives of recovering drug addicts and their families to a great extent.


  1. Mr Dennis Foo

    Mr Dennis Foo has been a strong advocate of the anti-drug cause, and has been showing support for NCADA’s annual Clubs Against Drugs (CAD) Campaign year on year. Since 2007, the clubs under The St James Pte Ltd, have come in to support the NCADA Clubs Against Drugs Campaign. During the campaign period, the clubs display anti-drug posters and distribute campaign collaterals on their premises. The support has enabled NCADA to reach out to many club-goers to promote the anti-drug cause.