NCADA Awards 2017

NCADA recognises that the vision of a drug-free Singapore can only be realised through the concerted efforts of the various committees, grassroots organisations and individuals, working hand-in-hand to eradicate the drug scourge.

Established in 1998, the NCADA Awards serves to recognise and honour organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions to the drug-free cause. The NCADA awards comprises three categories, the Star, Merit and Special Recognition Award (in order of merit).

This year, the NCADA Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at the Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD) on 26 October 2016.

Award Recipients for NCADA Awards 2017, with Chairman NCADA

The award recipients for 2017 are:

STAR AWARD (Individual)

  1.  Mr Mohd Shariff Bin Mohd Yatim
    Jamiyah Halfway House

    Mr Mohd Shariff Bin Mohd Yatim started helping out in the social service sector as a youth volunteer when he was only 17 years old. The first NGO that he joined was the Islamic Theological Association of Singapore (Pertapis) in 1976, to counsel youths and drug addicts. For the next 3 decades since 1980, Mr Shariff continued to contribute greatly to the Muslim community in terms of educating youth at risk and drug addicts on the dangers and possible recovery methods.

    Since his appointment as Executive Director at Jamiyah Halfway House, Mr Shariff continued to work with drug offenders by providing them with counselling programmes. He also facilitates the integration of ex-offenders into the family and the community by building positive social networks for them.

MERIT AWARD (Individual)

  1. Rev Dr George Seow
    Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA)

    Rev Dr George Seow has been one of SANA’s most committed and passionate volunteers since December 2005. He actively visits the inmates to provide spiritual support and guidance, along with conducting bible study classes for them. Rev George believes that people deserve second chances in life and together with his group of volunteers, has been working tirelessly to this end.

    Since taking on the role of Chairman for the SANA Christian Religious Group of Volunteers (RGV) in 2014, Rev Dr George Seow has been performing his duties with utmost dedication and commitment, and providing leadership and guidance to the RGV – especially for its new volunteers. Rev Dr George Seow is an amiable individual who enjoys good relations with his fellow volunteers and SANA staff, and serves as an exemplary role-model to them.



  1. Mr K Subramaniam
    HEB-Ashram Halfway House

    Mr K Subramaniam served more than 40 years in the security field before taking up the position as the Head of HEB-Ashram in August 2015. Although he could have settled for a more routine second career, he chose to give back to society and touch the lives of recovering addicts by joining HEB-Ashram. Since then, Mr K Subramaniam had made profound improvements in the management of the halfway house, by putting in place an overarching philosophy of empathy, empowerment and a dogged belief that everyone deserves a second chance.

    In his one and a half years tenure, Mr K Subramaniam has been the driving force in moulding the residents’ attitude and values towards leading a drug and crime-free life. He had forged stronger bonds between the residents and their families by organising and facilitating engagement events with the grassroots and social agencies, and organised training sessions and IT courses to enhance the residents’ employability. His passion and commitment towards rehabilitating drug offenders and ex-offenders, and empowering them to become productive members of society is admirable.

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