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Mdm Sarjit Kaur

10 August 2015

Mdm Sarjit Kaur has been a Volunteer Aftercare Officer with the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) since 1997. In 2014, she was awarded with the NCADA Merit Award in recognition of her significant contributions to the anti-drug cause. Read more on what she has to say about anti-drug efforts below.

  1. How long have you been involved in the anti-drug cause?

    Mdm Sarjit Kaur: It's been more than 15 years.

  2. What kept you inspired to actively contribute to the anti-drug cause after all these years?

    Mdm Sarjit Kaur: It all started during a morning prayer session when there was an announcement at the temple that they needed Sikh volunteers for the anti-drug cause. My children were already independent by then. Thoughts came to me that why not I join. The thought that I can help someone change for the better inspired me. So I went ahead and became a volunteer. Till this day I am still keen on helping out in SANA and it gives me great pleasure doing this cause.

  3. What has been your greatest satisfaction throughout your years of contribution to the anti-drug cause?

    Mdm Sarjit Kaur: To see that clients appreciate us and are willing to be counselled gives me satisfaction. Also knowing that the little help we do, may help them lead better lives ahead.

  4. Do you have any advice for individuals who are faced with the temptations of abusing drugs?

    Mdm Sarjit Kaur: Do not even think about trying drugs out. It's easy to get hooked but to be free from addiction is a very very hard and heartbreaking process.