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Mr Kong Mun Kwong

10 August 2015

Mr Kong Mun Kwong has been an active anti-drug advocate since the early 1990s and has been a NCADA member since 1997. Read more on what he has to say about anti-drug efforts below.

  1. How long have you been involved in the anti-drug cause?

    Mr Kong Mun Kwong: I have been actively involved for the past 22 years, starting from about 1991/1992 since I first became a Board member and then Chairman of Singapore Corporation for Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE).

  2. What kept you inspired to actively contribute to the anti-drug cause after all these years?

    Mr Kong Mun Kwong: As I get more involved with drug rehabilitative work in SCORE (and the Half-way Houses it assisted), I realized the far reaching effects of the spread of drug consumption within a small nation like Singapore where we rely so much on our human capital as our main resource and global competitive advantage.  Moreover, as is often the case, the social disruptions created by a drug consumer are never just confined to himself or his family.  Its consequential effects and damages radiate out to affect all those around him and his family as well.

    In the 80’s, the prevention and the rehabilitation works done for the offenders and drug consumers were not given the attention and the emphasis that the problems deserved by the public.  Consequently, a team of prison officers and SCORE staff in the late 90s, decided to change the situation. Proper rehabilitation work requires years of sustained communal efforts and commitments for success.

  3. What has been your greatest satisfaction throughout your years of contribution to the anti-drug cause?

    Mr Kong Mun Kwong: I am happy that through the joint efforts of many like-minded MHA Agencies and Prison officers, NGO members and SCORE staff, the whole drug rehabilitation approach and the scene for Singapore had undergone great changes from mid-1990s onwards.  The Care Network, the annual Yellow Ribbon Project, the NCADA effort and the Prison’s Rehab Programmes etc have eventually become a unique Singapore Drug Rehabilitation model for study even by many other countries, from the United States to the Middle East, Australia, Asean, and even the Fiji Islands!  

  4. Do you have any advice for individuals who are faced with the temptations of abusing drugs?

    Mr Kong Mun Kwong:

    My advice for all young and senior consumers on drug temptations:
    • Do not be tempted to even try a first take!  No matter how strong you may feel, you are never capable of resisting addiction!!
    • No drug is not harmful to you with repeated usage.  The danger is that it affects your mind first!
    • Drug changes your “destiny” and your future is never the same again.