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Michelle, Jing Ti and Adrina

11 October 2016

Michelle, Jing Ti and Adrina are three passionate youths from Temasek Polytechnic who had organised an Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign on their campus in July 2016. Read on for what they have to say about anti-drug efforts.

Students posing with a prop for the anti-drug roadshow that they organised
  1. What inspired you to become involved in the drug-free cause?

    M, J & A: Through our Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science, we are able to understand how easily a person can fall into the vicious cycle of misuse and abuse of drugs. This in turn leads to implementation of legislation to control drugs possession, consumption, import and export by the authorities. However, there is still a prevalence of abuse and misuse of drugs, especially among the youths of our age. The youths are the future leaders, who would lead the world to a better future. Seeing the rising numbers of young drug abusers saddens us and we do not want their future to be destroyed. Hence, this makes us feel a sense a responsibility to step out and play a role to be anti-drug advocates to spread the drug-free message around, to our fellow peers and our loved ones.

  2. What has been your greatest satisfaction throughout your contribution(s) to the drug-free cause?

    M, J & A: Our greatest satisfaction is to witness some of the students/staffs voluntarily approach us to find out information about the anti-drug campaign and pledge to say ‘NO’ to drugs. This shows that people do want to learn more and take precautions to avoid getting involved in drug abuse. This has made the campaign a more meaningful one for us.

  3. Do you have any inspirational words for youths who want to do their part and contribute to the drug-free cause?

    M, J & A: Never give up easily! Rejections, disappointments and failures are the least we all want to receive. Usually, when faced with such situations, people tend to give up. These are all part of human nature. However, these should not be the barriers in your life. Just as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”. If you get knocked down, get back up again and when you do so, you learn to become stronger than before after learning from your past experiences.

    Honestly speaking, we are one of the guilty ones. In our case, we wanted a project that is related to our course and at the same time, benefits the community. We wanted to make a change. So, we started off with a World Diabetes Day project that requires us to get publicity materials from United States and personally source for vendors that are willing to sponsor and provide recreational activities for our event. Halfway through the process, we felt that this project idea was not feasible because it was too ambitious. Worst, we did not even bother to make any alteration and gave it up easily. It was only until a few months later that we pluck up our courage to initiate another project that would be deemed as feasible and also localised. This time round, we got everything ready from the proposal to contacting the vendor. The last thing to do was to obtain the approval from our CCA advisor. However, we failed because we missed out on one important point, which was to obtain permit to collect donation funds. We were disappointed. It felt as if initiating project was not meant for us.

    From the two failed projects, we realised that organising a project is not just fill-in-the-form-and-you-can-go-ahead. We re-evaluated our mistakes and together with the encouragement from our CCA advisor, we tried to initiate another project for the third time: Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign. We followed the guidelines to handle and manage such projects. From there, we went through rounds and rounds of drafting out emails/proposal and finally came to this day, when we executed our project! It was never an easy journey, but what is more valuable is that we are certain that we have learnt and improved a lot along the way!

  4. Do you have any advice for individuals who are faced with the temptations of abusing drugs?

    M, J & A: Our advice is to think ahead. Think of the consequences, think of their loved ones, and most importantly think for themselves! Life is more than that and they can definitely find something more meaningful to do.