Challenges in the Anti-Drug System

While 2014 saw a decrease in the number of drug abusers arrested and drugs seized, it is premature to think that the drug situation has improved. Locally, we are seeing an increase in young people trying drugs with two-thirds of new abusers below the age of 30. The regional drug situation also remains challenging with increased production and seizures of drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine. Globally, some jurisdictions lobbying for cannabis legalisation or decriminalization and some have relaxed their stance on the abuse of cannabis.

Continuing Efforts against Drug Abuse

NCADA will continue to work with CNB and various community partners to actively engage and educate the public on the dangers of drugs through its key programmes and activities. In late 2014, NCADA came onboard as a member on the Steering Committee of the Task Force on Youth and Drugs co-chaired by Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs Mr. Masagos Zulkifli and Minister of State for Education Ms. Sim Ann. Measures and strategies under NCADA’s mandate recommended by the Task Force would be progressively implemented in the coming years.